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Generation M Misogyny in Media and Culture Media Education Foundation

For nearly 30 years I have been worrying about the next gen of women.... seeing so many grow up with societiesd blind illusions thrown at them. We see how ridiculously easy it is for influencers to conditioned humans.

Whereas curious minds who source the truth, will not follow they will rebel. I know as a women who I want to be..

I was born in the late 70's & had female roll models Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Missy Elliot, Eryka badu, Annie Lennox, Suzie Q, Janice Joplin, Bjork, Patti smith, Stevie Nicks!! compare them to 90's so called role models, massive difference. We had women sharing knowledge and experience, women who were exploring, pioneering, guiding us to be smarter stronger and still sexy!!!

The 90's brought in a new wave of so called artists. These puppets, in my eyes, where young female musicians who had agents selling them to society as dumb blonde female's who where selling sex not music. It was like watching the history of feminism being slapped in the face. ( and continues still today) millions of womens blood sweat and tears just totally disprespected.

And still today it continues on, we are surrounded with cheap trash plastic musician's who sing about being a sex object for men???

Im glad my role models weren't running around in g-strings and tiny bras' dont get me wrong they revealed skin, remember Madonna gaaahh love her, she absolutey did! But she was a strong Artist, not a puppet to the music industry.

I will never forget seeing Brittany Spears on a Saturday morning singing ' Hit me baby one more time' to followed by Christina Agulera wearing hardly anything looking like trash humping every-one in a boxing ring.

These girls were game changers, they were pawns in the business like many still are today.. They have damaged all that work of millions of women, who fought for the rights of women in this world... (sorry still raving about it)

Honsetly that was the point as a young women that I started reading and researching about the beauty industry I called home.

We have seen through out histroy our Influencers have made HUGE mistakes, so why wouldnt was as human question..

Looking forward to the next 20 years with a new wave of Influencers personally I am crossing fingers and I do belive they will wake up and see the impact they have caused on the world and finally correct their mistakes. Guessing this will all happen when AI is a problem;)

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