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Liz Sharp has a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts from the Australian School of Art A.N.U 2005. There she started painting her fascination about energy fields around people. Liz starting painting what she saw around people and had her first Exhibition at Linnaeus Gallery in N.S.W in 2006.

Her Advanced Diploma in Makeup was obtained from 3 ARTS Makeup college in Sydney in 1997, since then she has been transforming humans shifting them into different characters and watching the effects.

She has currently  deferred her Master's Degree in Contemporary Art at RMIT due to her wanting to research more. 

Liz has been researching for over 20 years  how the energetic vibration of painting a human can effect them - what it does metaphysically.

With her background in Contemporary Art, Film, TV, Make-up, Hair, Bodyart, SPFX & Tattooing these give her great in-depth knowledge and evidence that there is something more then we realise about the moment she transforms her clients, the moment that cant be bottled but only described.

Stay tuned for her next Exhibition.

Area's of research :

Metaphysics, Science, Spiritual Practices, Energy, Make-up , Hair, Body Art, SFX, Body modification, Energy, Post humanism, Beauty Industry, Entertainment Industry, Colour theory, Psychology.





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