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Tattoos are a sacred art form that are not just a picture placed in the skin, they hold energy. When looking for a Tattooer it is important to choose a person that can understand this. 


For the past 12 years liz has added Tattooing to her studio research.

In 2013 Liz decided to take up an apprenticeship to further explore her practice.

2021 provided the right time for her to focus on building a part of her creative journey into tattooing her clients.

With Liz's knowledge of so many area's in her life she will create artworks within your Energy field with the right vibrations that will assist you in your life.

Background Information:

Apart from having 26 years designing character's and transforming her clients, Liz also holds a degree in Visual arts majoring in Painting.

Her concepts are all based around that moment of shifting energy in humans, aka a metaphysical moment.

Liz's direct influences within her own family had an impact on her growing up. 

She has  a mother who's career as a Nurse, a natural healer who also see's ghosts in detail and continues too.

There is her Uncle who was a Ghost hunter and worked for NASA, and has sighted UFO's.

Then there was her Aunty who was a Criminal Psychologist who had apart of her practice hypnotising clients into their past lives.

Liz's father has a passion for history and maths.

On top of these family influences Liz has a family of Painters & Sculptors and Educator's.

Her life has been marinated with Art Science, Maths and Diverse thinking.

With all this information in mind it makes sense she is someone who entered the visual arts whilst bringing her knowledge and practice of energy too.

Below are just a few of her first tattoos since picking up the tattoo machine in 2021.

To make an appointment with Liz please email her :

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