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Beginning of Masters Degree..


First Blog about my latest work.

After 5 weeks I have come to a point where I find myself where I started at the age of 16, taking photos of males beautiful chest!! Ha Ha.

Feels random after driving myself crazy wondering of all the things I can make, I take a step back and what do I see?? I have made a males chest again...but this time though with a little more worldly knowledge backing my concept at the age of 39;)

*Title I have been working on is - 'Metaphysical'

The chest symbolizes society.

I have chosen a male with a chest that is large so at a first glance you may think its female.

Across the chest is the word ‘metaphysical’ in script font.

After many attempts I placed a Tattoo transfer exactly how we prep for a chest tattoo, and started cutting the first two letter's out – to create scarification.

I decided to start with this one and just cut out a few letters, the next larger piece Im doing I will cut the entire piece out, perhaps even as another test to see if the audience reacts differently.

Why? Scarification, make-up , piercing, hair cutting, are all body modifications, and personally coming from these worlds I have learnt more then just technical skills.

I wanted to have a peice that represented that moment in time when your having a metaphysical moment. Im obsessed with this new word METAPHYSICAL!

Art to many of us is a form of language, and Im hoping to communicate to my audience with a bit of a still life performance, showing casing those metaphysical moments with makeup application, tattoos, scarification, piercing, Hairstyling. Moments that can't be captured. But least we can talk about the importance of magical moments of change for the good.

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