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Astrid Krogh

Astrid is a artist who I follow as I have a love for Light work and artists who work with light too, and in particular U.V.

Her choice of Colour palettes and scale and material is I believe perfect. Form being a simple rectangle with a mixture of colour texture and tonal variations. I am attracted to brighter colours and feel this easy lines on the eyes.

Her works to me are sublime sublime beauty. Astrid also talks about similar topics in my work, about capturing that moment in time..

Astrid Krogh

Remembering landscapes

It is an early summer morning. I am camping with my kids on a beach. It’s a stretch of the beach we consider our own. Quite desolate in a primordial kind of way. The trees are reaching almost to the water’s edge, ramsons are growing up the slope nearby.Waking up, I wonder if the sun is rising. The birds are just about to waken. I get out of the tent. Heavy clouds are scattered in the dark sky. On the horizon lies a tiny flash of light. Here comes the sun. For the next 20 minutes nature presents a drama of colours I have never seen before, nor ever since. That summer I had an idea to paint the nuances of the colours of the sky at various moments of the day. I get hold of my watercolour paintbox. Seated on a boulder, I start capturing the colours. Soon it dawns on me, I can’t catch them. The colours change smoothly, almost meditatively, but still quite dramatically. From the pitch black of the night through orange, towards a shining turquoise into a blue purple, luminous gold, a subtle yellow, a light blue, dissolving again into white clouds drifting across a light blue summer sky. The dawn of a new day.

‘It’s the unpredictable that brings sensuality to the work, like that fleeting glimpse you catch the moment before it disappears forever.’

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