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So I have started my time with Mecca being amongst beauty for my msters degree, Im in Melbourne's Eastand store as its close, and this week i decided to take home a few samples and try and old friend I havent used for over 15 years, so it will be interesting to see how it goes now.


Every Saturday Im there for you guys if you need my make-up knowledge, & remember Im there teaching, so pop in for a make-up tutorial if your looking for lessons too.

I will take home each week what I think are the keys to a GREAT Make-up kit, & yes Im starting with the best;)


La Mer’s journey began when Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in an experiment gone awry and set out to create his own destiny. Physicist by day, stargazer and dreamer by night, he hoped to unlock the renewing power of the sea he held so dear.

Inspired by the oceanic world, Huber fermented nutrient-rich sea kelp with other natural ingredients. 12 years and 6,000 experiments later, Crème de la Mer was born – and Huber’s skin visibly restored.

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