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Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman

Looking back on who are my inspirations growing up both in Australia and oversea's & naturally

Cindy Sherman is on that list. If you havent heard of her go check her out, one of Australia's incredible artist's. She explores social conditioning, a topic I have researched about over the years too.

Growing up with a part of my family that are Military & Psychologists, we as kids were around books about human behaviours and body language.

It's such an interesting topic to explore. A lot of the old books are laughable now.

Social Conditioning on the other hand is important to talk about otherwise we all live under a cloud of blind co-exsistance.

So thank god for Cindy! ...

& me being from the film&tv industry, I always look forward to watching her characters about society and their factors unfold.

Check out the link here Qagoma Queensland Art Gallery - Gallery of Modern Art.

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