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Nancy Depew


Award winning artist Nancy Depew is known for her three-dimensional believable masterpieces of lush forest scenes, female nudes and flowers. Painting the subtleties of light and color; capturing nature in its most intuitive form in her solo exhibition ‘The Beautiful World’ at Sirona Fine Art.

The exhibition is entitled ‘The Beautiful World’, because that is precisely what she paints, a Nancy Depew planet of heightened, polished and glowing natural perfection. Opening Reception on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 from 6-9pm, experience the traditional realism and contemporary style of this master painter whose coveted works capture nature and human form with exquisite precision.
Nancy Depew’s work is a premier example of those who paint realism can achieve; not work that seems heavy or leaden with the months it takes to make one image, nor work that elicits a sense of awe of the painter’s masterful skills. When you look close at the tiny petals of just one flower in just one small section of her work, you see light, shadow and reflected colors of that object in even a fraction of an inch of surface.

This meticulous and flawless approach to making an image reminds of just how beautiful the real world can be, a world that all of us can glimpse by quiet observation and that Depew captures, holds and fills with an inner illumination and transcendent color.

“Often viewers comment that her work looks so real, but they are missing the point of what Nancy Depew creates…this is not The Real World, this is The Beautiful World”, explained Timothy Smith, Gallery Director of Sirona Fine Art. A native of New Jersey, Nancy should prove a shining example of ‘The Garden State’. Flowers that she has grown, cared for and imbued with a distinct living presence often inspire the floral works. With over 80 exhibitions around the country, we are honored to host Depew’s first exhibition in our Florida gallery.”
The Beautiful World runs from February 6, 2016 through April 6, 2016 at Sirona Fine Art – a grand showcase for artists who embrace classic academic structure and technique, yet have an understanding and facility within the modernist landscape in which their work is viewed. Located in The Village at Gulfstream Park at 600 Silks Run #1240 in Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009. RSVP for the Opening Reception:

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