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one woman I have followed for 30 years

ORLAN (born Mireille Suzanne Francette Porte)[1][2][3] is a French artist, born May 30, 1947 in Saint-Étienne, Loire.[4][5][6] She adopted the name ORLAN in 1971, which she always writes in capital letters : "ORLAN".[7] She lives and works in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. She was invited to be a scholar in residence at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, for the 2006-2007 academic year.[8] She sits on the board of administrators for the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and is a professor at the École nationale supérieure d'arts de Cergy-Pontoise.

Although ORLAN is best known for her work with plastic surgery in the early to mid-1990s, she has not limited her work to a particular medium.

About her importance in art history as a body artist, in "The Narrative" monograph (2007):

– "Revisiting ORLAN's history, from the early sixties to the present day, means, above all, rediscovering the history of the poetics of the body, in which body art and carnal art[9] are the fundamental stages. Real body and imaginary body, lived body and emotional body, mystic body and social body, diffuse body and hybrid body, all merge together in the ceaseless flow of references in ORLAN's work."[10]


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