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Belgrave Optomitrist

The other day I visited our Optomitrist, and walked out with so much knowledge that helps me understand how and why my son and I think and See ! Originally we went there for my 9 yr old son to get his eyes tested, but by the endof the visit in my head it was turning into a science project.

I have known about different theories this for years as my family are Artists, Medical practitioners, Military, Criminal Psychologists & Healers.

Being raised 50/50 makes you question a lot, Particularly when you have been diagnosed in at the age of 8 years old to be dyslexic.

Yep at school my way of learning was completely different, i learnt Mathmatics through images and stories. Many in my family have been Diagnosed ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR & Dyslexic. I Find some of the alternative family doesnt belive in these terms, where as the science based family believe , one in particular in my Aunty who Wrote the Book on ADHD in Australia.

Our Doctor knew after 10 minutes of constant questions and tests what my son and I were. The 3RD, the 3rd of people who view the world differently. After our visit Im very keen to go back and interview him too exlplain via video to general public before even questioning what is beauty we need to look at how we individually see things....

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