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Amethyst: An Important Crystal for Artist's in the month of March.

The month of Pisces Brings awareness to what is the true History of Amethyst.


Amethyst was made by the legends and the ancient cultures, who tell us about its history and it meaning through stories and scripts.

The meaning of Amethyst takes its name from the Greek word ‘Amethystos’, meaning ‘not intoxicated’.

In ancient cultures amethyst was used to protect people against poisons and against harm. It was also believed to sharpen one’s wits and keep them more alert. It has always been claimed to keep one safe from the intoxicating effects of both alcohol and love.

The ancient Greeks used amethyst to gain favour with the goddess Artemis, and they believed it would protect them against intoxication. Wine goblets/glasses were often carved from it, so as to protect their users from drunkenness. The ancient Egyptians used it to bring the soldiers whom wore it luck in battle. It was also placed in one’s grave, adorning and purifying the body. The story is about how the crystal came about and what it means.

STORY The god of wine, Bacchus / Dionysus was one day insulted by a mortal and in his drunken rage he swore as revenge that his tigers would attack the next human to cross his path. Unfortunately, the next person was a beautiful, young, innocent maiden named Amethysta. As the tigers attacked her, she called out to the goddess Diana, the Artemis for help, to save her from death. The goddess transformed Amethysta into a pure white quartz statue.

Bacchus came to realisation of what had just happened, he fell upon the crystal and wept tears of wine all over the beautiful white statue, staining it purple. One variation on this origin story holds that the stone was presented to Bacchus by the goddess Rhea, daughter of the earth, in order to preserve his sanity.

Amethyst is very well known -- as from the ancients -- as a sobriety stone. It has been used for millenia to prevent drunkenness, and is used to assist in getting rid of addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc, and destructive compulsive behaviors of all kinds.

Carry with you when you go through these times of the low times. Amethyst will give you strength to be you with out substances xx

Editor // Franny Richardson

Art work Liz Sharp

Model Jessica Nicole Griffiths

Assistant MUA: Paula Jane and Jo Fletcher

'Goddess Amethysta'

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