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What is the Orbital Bone?

Many Makeup Artists don't know what an Orbital Bone is and its essential to understand bone structure to understand your clients facial structure.

@ LVSHOME we are lucky enough to have NIGHTSHADEFX as apart of our team, the Guru's of Bones and fx makeup!

NIGHTSHADE FX study Skulls amongst many other things & understand every human has a different set of Orbital bones.

As a trainer of makeup for many years, I have taught 1000's of make-up Artists about bone structure.

Here I would like to share the Anatomy of Bone structure 101 very simply to those new to our Industry.

The Orbital Bone is the bone that surrounds your eye.

Yes it Orbits around the eye, we all have different shapes, and when studying your clients Orbital bone you will understand a clearer assessment of placement of products to create harmony applying make-up.

Below are just a few images that may help you understand visually how it works


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