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Stan Winston School is the world's premiere online destination for learning the art & technology of character creation from Award-winning industry professionals. Creating compelling characters requires a vast range of skills and techniques, from big budget cinematic approaches to DIY methods you can use in your garage or home workshop. With 500+ hours of On-Demand video instruction to choose from, Students can purchase our webcourses individually or subscribe to gain instant, anytime access to our entire library. We also offer Live Online Webcourses, providing Students with the opportunity to connect with our faculty in real-time, and even earn a Stan Winston School Certificate! If you're an artist or technician who wants to learn from the best, welcome to SWSCA. Subscribe, Learn, Create!




For over 40 years, the name Stan Winston has been synonymous with iconic fantasy characters, including the killer cyborgs of The TERMINATOR series, the extraterrestrial monstrosities of ALIENS, the alien hunter from the PREDATOR series, the prehistoric giants from the JURASSIC PARK films, and the iconic suits from IRON MAN. By relentlessly pushing the limits of art, technology & imagination, Stan Winston Studio continually set new standards of excellence and innovation for character creators worldwide. After Stan's untimely passing in 2008, the Winston family founded Stan Winston School of Character Arts to preserve Stan's legacy by inspiring and fostering creativity in a new generation of character creators. Through connecting the world's finest artists and technicians with students worldwide, our mission is to empower aspiring artists and technical wizards to push the boundaries of character creation for years to come.

About Us

Dick Smith Special FX Makeup Training is an education company founded by makeup legend Dick Smith. We specialize in special effects makeup instruction for both beginners and professionals.

Dick changed the profession of special effects makeup forever. His technical innovations set the standards for the industry he led for over half a century and his peerless artistry inspired generations of makeup artists.

But Dick’s fame does not rest solely on his pioneering work in makeup. He is also revered in the global community of makeup artists for training many of today’s most accomplished artists, some of whom run the world’s most prestigious Hollywood and international labs. This role as educator remains one of Dick’s enduring legacies.

Dick left us in 2014 but his great tradition of training superb makeup artists lives on. Our mission: to provide the most comprehensive training programs in special effects makeup available. Our home study programs accommodate students who either cannot afford to attend a bricks-and-mortar makeup school or who cannot leave home to attend one. Our programs are inclusive of all students who are motivated to learn and determined to follow their dream of entering this exciting profession.


Gorton Studio is directed by internationally acclaimed prosthetics designer Neill Gorton, and is widely regarded as Europe’s most authentic screen prosthetics school.

We train beginners for careers in the industry, help professionals improve their skills, support teachers in delivering industry-relevant courses and provide specialist modules for universities and colleges as part of wider curricula. Our students come from all over the world, and their success upon leaving us stands testament to the quality of our teaching.

Neill is a high profile industry figure with a 30-year track record, and our courses embody the outstanding technical standards and focused attitude for which he is renowned and respected. He is well known for pioneering new materials and techniques and for his generous approach to sharing his knowledge. He is also a long-term employer so knows exactly what’s expected of the creative staff in today’s industry, and translates this into the content of our courses.

Cinema Makeup School was founded in 1993 by a professional makeup artist seeking to create a more comprehensive makeup artist school that offered up-to-date education to aspiring makeup and special effects technicians. 


At the time, there were very few dedicated makeup schools in Los Angeles, and many of those that existed offered training that was either outdated or out-of-step with the needs of the entertainment industry. Most of the industry’s training—especially in the special effects world—happened informally through apprenticeships and internships that were often unpaid, unadvertised and all-but-inaccessible to people without insider connections and financial means. At the same time, the explosion of special effects-driven blockbuster movies (that had been going on, unabated, since the late ‘70s) created unprecedented public awareness of, and interest in, special effects. With so few doorways to the industry and so many interested young people, someone needed to bridge that gap.

The school opened its doors in a modest facility in the heart of L.A. and got to work teaching students. The plan was simple: offer shorter, more concentrated classes; keep all instruction up-to-date with the latest professional methods and standards; and attract top working artists to teach at the school.

It worked.

Since its inception, the school has grown consistently for over twenty-three years. It has moved twice to upgraded facilities and even with more and more start dates offered each year, core classes are always full.

CMS’s longtime Director of Education, Leonard Engelman, was elected the first Governor of the Make-up Artists and Hairstylists Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the governing body for the Oscars®), and went on to become the first makeup artist ever elected a Vice President of the Academy as a whole. 

Leonard continues his work with the school to this day as a special instructor and chairman of the school’s honors program. The current faculty pool—which rotates due to Hollywood’s continued demand for many of our instructors’ services—includes multiple Emmy® winners and nominees. Even Oscar-winning makeup artists Ve Neill and Joel Harlow have stepped into CMS classrooms to teach character and prosthetic makeup classes.

Many graduates of the school have gone on to do acclaimed work at the highest levels. Zena Shtysel has won multiple primetime Emmy awards and been nominated even more times for her work as key makeup artist on Dancing With the Stars.Michelle Banksonhas done key hair and makeup for countless top musical acts including P.Diddy, Coldplay, and David Guetta. Sculptor and painter Casey Love has created beautiful concept art and effects work for over twenty feature films (including Men In Black 3, AVPR: Alien vs. Predator Requiem and Priest) and is a sought-after designer of horror-themed art and memorabilia selling his original pieces for thousands of dollars. Even recent graduates have found work on major blockbusters like Iron Man 3, Inception and, The Lone Ranger. 

Robert Lindsay, Rob Seal, Gage Hubbard and Wayne Anderson and more have charmed television audiences as contestants on SyFy Network’s Face Off makeup competition. Other grads occupy top academic positions at other major makeup schools. These are just a few examples; even graduates from CMS’s most recent classes are already starting their careers in major effects shops like KNB Efx, Amalgamated Dynamics, Makeup Effects Lab and Legacy Effects.

In its third decade of instruction, CMS has never been a more vital institution. Exciting new offerings such as The Leonard Engelman Fellowship Honors Program, the Protégé Lab Internship Program, and improvement projects like the Jack Pierce Memorial Gallery for Makeup and Character Arts have radically enhanced and expanded the school’s offerings. Current students and recent grads have placed highly in a number of recent student competitions, and some had their work featured in notable trade publications, like Make-up Artist magazine, before even graduating. Many others have gone on to high-profile jobs working with major effects shops or assisting well-known artists such as Ve Neill, Steve Wang, Kazuhiro Tsuji, and Joel Harlow. Meanwhile, enrollment continues to grow.

Still, the plan remains the same: pair eager students with top established talent, teach them the latest methods in a concentrated creative environment, and great work will follow.

MUD Make-up Schools

Each year, MUD schools train hundreds of students from around the globe in a variety of make-up specialties.

From day one, students are immersed in the fundamentals of make-up artistry with aspirations of working in the fashion, entertainment or retail cosmetic industries. MUD gives future artists the opportunity to discover their own unique style under the training of licensed instructors with professional expertise in film, television and fashion. Their vision begins to come alive as they infuse their talent with skill whether it be within the intricacies of prosthetics or the delicacy of beauty make-up.

Start Your Journey Today!

M.E.G strive for excellence and innovation and maintain a very high standard of quality control with their students, while learning their craft in the most creative environment. This high quality control means students will leave with genuine skills and a high quality portfolio that will give them a competitive edge in the industry. 


Australia’s Industry Prefered Course 
Learn The Tricks Of The Industry Professionals

The Prosthetic Make-up course is 4 days a week + optional 5th day ( this will allow for any technical contingencies ) for 3 weeks, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. We provide you with all the materials and techniques you will need to do the Prosthetic Make-up Course and create an amazing Character of your own design.


Overall Approach to Prosthetic Make-up
Concept and Design of your Character
Sculpture of your Prosthetic Make-up
Skin Texture and Detail
Fibreglass Mould Preparation and Set up
Mould-Making of your finished Sculpture
De-Moulding and Clean up
Foam Latex Processing
Pre-painting and Airbrushing your Prosthetic
Prosthetic Make-up Application
Photographing your Prosthetic Character

The Australian College of Make-Up and Special Effects (ACMUSE) was originally known as Film Make-up Technology, established in 1980.

ACMUSE aims to provide nationally accredited courses and industry-leading non-accredited short courses to national standards in the fields of make-up for film, TV, theatre, fashion, bridal and special effects (SFX).

Furthermore, ACMUSE aims to support the entertainment industry through the provision of expertly trained graduates, suitable for immediate contract to the industry.

ACMUSE provides vocational courses that are competency based and comply with benchmarks set for competency-based training in the industry. Courses are comprehensive and seek to combine theory with practical skills to produce well-educated and skilled graduates.

All courses are suitable for individuals seeking a career in make-up and SFX in the following industries; performing arts, film, TV, theatre, fashion, bridal and photography.

A trusted name in the industry, ACMUSE continues to grow and expand to this day. Once only available to students in NSW, ACMUSE is pleased to announce the opening of it’s very first Melbourne campus, in Fitzroy, VIC, June 2016. Enrolments for July courses have begun. Please contact us for more information.

ACMUSE is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) number 90910, is fully accredited with ASQA and a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET).

ACMUSE is also on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Learners (CRICOS). CRICOS Provider number 02522B.

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