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Ever wondered how you will afford to study let alone buy a Professional make-up kit? It has always been an expensive career to enter but it does have its perks as we are mobile freelancers so no rent! But back to the issue of costly kits.  It definitely isn't cheap to be a make-up artist as it costs thousands of dollars to keep up with the current trends of products and tools. So here at LVSHOME we are wanting to show our support with our amazing professionals in Australia who donate their kits they no longer need.  We are so lucky @ LVSHOME to be able to help the next gen afford to enter their dream career. We say thank you to all who have donated products/ tools/ kits and soon in August we will have a little hall of fame thanking each Professional and showing them where their kits have gone.

If you are a struggling artist who needs help affording a Make-up Kit please email us 

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