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To all our Models & Actors this one is To you :

Models & Actors are REQUIRED every Sunday  * 11am-3pm. PAID, 

LOCATION: Melbourne.

If you available please contact asap so we can book you in.

Image C/O Aline Weber, Shu Pei, Hailey Clauson & Nimue Smit by Kai Z Feng for Stockholm S/S/A/W


LVSHome is a Make-up/Hair/ SPFX/BodyArt/Fashion/Visual Arts Centre for the Technicians and Visual artists of the film, television, & fashion industries created by Liz Sharp and her incredibly talented team from around the world.  This facility is the first of its kind in Australia, where creatives can learn from some of the best, hone their skills, be mentored by Liz Sharp and other Industry known artists in order to build their careers. 



There are  lulls-in the working season (a common thing due to the nature of Make-up, Hair, Special Effects work & Body art) when budgets are low we felt during a lull that is was time for us to start providing a centre that houses


Already, TAFE institutions, as well as production institutions such as HBO, Warner Bros, and ABC Australia have donated stock that they can no longer hold, in aid to support our vision and Centre.

These names and the community are very much behind Liz in these endeavours.   These are all examples of the public support of those peers in the industry, and parallel industries. Who truly believe in Liz Sharp’s work at LVSHome. 




According to recent Open University statistics, employment of Make-Up artists has risen by 34.4% over the past five years and is expected to remain relatively steady through 2017, with forecasts of 15,100 across Australia. 

Whilst the prospect of new talent entering the Australian make-up industry is a fantastic opportunity for industry growth, Australia doesn’t cater as well as it could for the practising professionals of our industry. Many then leave the profession prematurely due to a lack of business acumen. 



LVSHome is, therefore, a community of practice, a place to share knowledge to be inspired, a place for networking, ensuring Australia’s reputation remains at the forefront globally. 







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